Ensure insights-based decisions

Have you ever presented research results only to later learn that the insights weren't used by the business?

When business decisions move forward without input from the customer and marketplace, there is not only lost potential for the health of the business, corporate team alignment suffers, reflecting lost reputation-building opportunities for the insights team.


DecisionAdvancer™ is a do-it-yourself tool that guides the insights team in working with business clients at the start of the objective-setting process to assure that everyone is aligned on the goals and uses of the potential outcomes. So, when the study is completed, clients not only have the needed insights but also an agreement on how they will be used.

InsightsCentral provides a solution that:

  • Clearly identifies and defines the needs of the business
  • Builds alignment and agreement on the objectives and study deliverables
  • Ensures that the resulting insights can be used by the business
  • Determines the impact of the research on the decision, allowing the insights team to measure a "return on business impact" on research studies

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