Align research objectives that lead
to business impact

DecisionAdvancer™ is a do-it-yourself tool that guides client-side insights team members, regardless of experience level, in working with their clients to ensure that everyone is aligned on the goals and uses of the potential outcomes. So, when the study is completed, clients not only have the needed insights but also agreement on how they will be used.

Read what one of our beta-testers has to say about DecisionAdvancerTM

“DecisionAdvancer helped us refocus and refine the study objectives, resulting in a better process for the study than the original plan had outlined.  This saved us tens of thousands on a study that would have been focused on the wrong objective.  That is very valuable.  This tool can help us stay on the path of being an integrated, consultative partner, not an internal research project supplier.” Eden Weller, Customer & Market Insights Manager, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

InsightsCentral provides a solution that:

  • Clearly identifies and defines the needs of the business
  • Builds alignment and agreement on the objectives and study deliverables
  • Ensures that the resulting insights can be used by the business
  • Measures a "return on business impact" on research studies

Save money and time spent on studies that are dismissed or ignored because they didn't meet the desired business objective.


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