Elevate Insights. Improve Decisions.

DecisionAdvancer™ software enables research/analytics leaders to more efficiently and effectively elevate insights that advance decisions for improved profitability. Insights departments are:

  • EFFECTIVE and ALIGNED - spurring stakeholders to make better decisions based on insights
  • EFFICIENT and PROACTIVE - establishing success standards throughout the portfolio of projects
  • Resulting in....ELEVATED CREDIBILITY - increasing organizational credibility based on improved decisions and measurably powerful impact

Read what one of our beta-testers has to say about DecisionAdvancerTM

“DecisionAdvancer helped us refocus and refine the study objectives, resulting in a better process for the study than the original plan had outlined.  This saved us tens of thousands on a study that would have been focused on the wrong objective.  That is very valuable."  Eden Weller, Customer & Market Insights Manager, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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