Accelerate high performance across your team

"This tool helps us stay on the path of being an integrated, consultative partner, not an internal research project supplier."  Customer & Market Insights Manager, Business Services Company

Implementing DecisionAdvancer™  is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Sign up
  2. Sign in
  3. Start Using!

Learn as you go tools include:

  • Pop-up how-to's, definitions and B2C and B2B project examples
  • Customer service chat line
  • Short videos (coming soon) 

The software improves efficiency and effectiveness because it is research industry focused and intuitive.

Industry-focused software: 

  • Strategic skills are reinforced, reducing management oversight time
  • Time saved in report and recommendation development based on completed smart brief
  • Ultimate debrief - corporate contribution-focused assessments

Highly-intuitive software: 

  • Automated project portfolio reports make it easier to improve allocation
  • Improved efficiencies as searchable database reduces learning redundancies
  • Precious information is banked over time, streamlining creation of future smart briefs