Utilize job aid tools to up your game

"I need my Insights department to up its game if I am going to keep winning."; Journal of Advertising Research, CMO interview.

DecisionAdvancer™ is a job aid that addresses the problem of research results not being acted upon in order to yield a more efficient use of budget and staff, and a stronger Return on Insights measurement. 

DecisionAdvancer™ supports the insights department:

  • Using DecisionAdvancer™ is an insurance policy to protect your research budget. One of our beta testers credits DecisionAdvancer™ with saving $15k to $20k on just one internally conducted study.
  • DecisionAdvancer™ increases efficiency and effectiveness through its quality control and management tools ensuring the right work is done the first time so budget and staff time is optimized.
  • Because the software form of the tool provides a process for measuring and tracking results, it facilitates measuring the return on research investment.

DecisionAdvancer™ supports individual researchers in three ways:

  • Researchers are guided in how to create a shared definition of research success that includes how the results will be used in decision making, directing the report writing process by generating a time-saving report outline.
  • Unlike a simple fill-in-the box template, it provides detailed "how-to's" and examples , thus the objective setting  process is clearer and more consistent from researcher to researcher. Insights Directors can feel more confident delegating to newer researchers.
  • This tool allows researchers to define not only the standard elements of a typical Insights Brief (like business and research objectives, key questions and methodology), but also more "telling" elements such as client hypotheses and expectations, out of scope elements and decision criteria.

The DecisionAdvancer™ tool was created based on the InsightsCentral Era 3 Model™ which defines what it takes for insights departments to become more strategic and gain a stronger role at the decision-making table. 

InsightsCentral Era 3 Model™ was developed based on qualitative research and collaboration with sharp-minded, big-thinking insights and marketing professionals from highly successful Fortune 500 companies. The model was developed to supplement the current behavioral model based on the four traditional researcher behaviors related to Designing, Fielding, Analyzing and Reporting research studies.

Our Era 3 Model™ was validated through a survey among 301 corporate-side insights professionals, which was conducted with the support of the Marketing Research Association (MRA).

This model:

  • Defines best-in-class strategic skills so that Insights Directors can more objectively assess and develop their team members.
  • Provides individual insights professionals with a blueprint for building their own strategic abilities.


The Explore behavior: Brings  a more keen, "eyes open" hypothesis and discovery approach to the professional process.

The Refine behavior: Injects a focusing effort to build stakeholder's strategy while adjusting the business's marketplace beliefs and facilitating decision-making.

The Align behavior: Intertwines complex multiple stakeholder perspectives leading to improved quality and confidence in end results. Through a partnering role the professional achieves better sponsor understanding and commissioned learning's acceptance.

The Harvest behavior: Expands the learning depth to the stakeholder. Seeks to influence the business ecosystem by elevating the customer/marketplace voice including its representation in the decision-making process.

The Evaluate behavior: Creates a strategic performance measurement climate which rewards planning, accountability and results. Efficiency, time value of money, and portfolio management lead to highly visible, competitively advantaged human resources change management efforts.





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