Stakeholder alignment, strategic skills guidance and
portfolio management lead to improved outcomes

"I need my Insights department to up its game if I am going to keep winning."; Journal of Advertising Research, CMO interview.

DecisionAdvancer™ supports improvement in three key areas:

  • Enhanced Insights Brief - Avoid awkward and difficult conversations at the end of the project, "why didn't you ask this question?" or "this isn't what I was looking for," by clarifying stakeholder objectives and getting alignment on research objectives at the start.
  • Strategic Skills Guidance - One-click access to definitions, question prompts and examples, guides the insights professional through objectives setting and scoping the project, freeing up the director's time to focus on bigger picture concerns.
  • Portfolio Management - Dashboard and reports provide the director, insights team and stakeholders with real-time, appropriate level access to the status of every project in the pipeline.

DecisionAdvancer™ enables you and your team to:


  • Objectives and deliverables align based on strategic clarity
  • Recommendations made with more confidence
  • Clients prepared to make better decisions


  • Visualize project timelines to avoid "traffic jams"
  • Quickly identify opportunities for future research
  • Identify resource allocation issues


  • Measure improvements via stakeholder and insights team assessments
  • Elevate credibility of research efforts and prepare the ground for future work

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