Why InsightsCentral?

What does a successful strategic insights
professional look like?

While the pressure for strategic thinking is coming from the top down, we didn’t want to approach this problem like a traditional, big name consultant who focuses on c-suite needs.

To study this complex issue…

  • We spent months getting feedback from hundreds of Fortune 1000 client-side researchers to understand their issues and concerns today.
  • We identified specific strategic behaviors of well performing teams through a big-thinking working team of insights directors, young insights professionals, and marketers with experience in Fortune 100 companies.
  • Equally important, we looked at the latest performance enhancing technologies from organizational development leaders at major universities to ground our work in the most up-to-date and “new thinking.”

From of all of this, we’ve developed a new model of working and have applied that model to a do-it-yourself tool: DecisionAdvancer™ that guides the insights team in working with business clients at the start of the objective-setting process to assure that everyone is aligned on the goals and uses of the potential outcomes.

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